who we (really) are

Our core service is providing certified home health aides who give care under the direction of our RNs. But we do so much more than that.

We Are Team Members- And our team includes not only the committed professionals who make up our agency, but also the clients and families we work with. Giving care that improves health and increases quality of life requires partnership.

We see our clients and families as the individuals they are, with life goals we can help them achieve. Their goals may include recovering health after illness or injury; managing chronic conditions; being able to remain safely in their home and community; enjoying companionship and conversation; or having the mundane chores of life taken care of so time spent with family members can be social and meaningful. Ultimately, all client goals are about better quality of life.

Elder Care


We Are Problem Solvers- People come to us because they have problems to solve. Some are simple: “mom needs help with laundry and transportation.” Others can be challenging! “Dad refuses to take a shower,” “mom spends all day sitting in her recliner,” “my wife with dementia gets disoriented and aggressive with me in the afternoons.” We work together with families to find approaches that work for them.

Hospice Care

We Are Community Connectors- As home care providers we are in the center of our clients’ lives in a way no other health care providers are. We see them where they live, learn what their support network is like, find out what they love and hate, and what obstacles to health and well-being they face.We are perfectly positioned to connect clients and families to other resources, including doctors who make house calls, physical therapists, dementia specialists, hospice providers, free equipment such as walkers, elder care attorneys, and much more.

Chronic Disease Management (CDM)


We Are Care Coordinators- Making sure that everyone on the client’s health team is following through and communicating with one another is a daily part of what we do. When our nurse isn’t out visiting clients, she’s probably in the office making calls to pharmacies, doctors, therapists or visiting nurse associations. Our schedulers are in regular touch with adult day centers, the Veterans Administration, family members and of course the clients themselves.

People call us looking for a home health aide, but I’m happy to say we are able to give them a whole team to look out for them.

Transition of Care (TOC)